Nutrition Education Campaigns

Nutrition Education Campaigns

Individual Counseling: WIC staff includes registered dietitians, trained nutrition counselors and breastfeeding specialists. Clients can get individual health assessment and nutrition counseling at WIC.

Classes for Pregnant Women

  • Taking Care of Mommy: nutrition tips for pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding Success: tips for pregnant women and their partners and supporters

Classes for New Parents 

  • Baby Behavior: getting to know your newborn
  • Starting Solids: class for parents with 4-6 month old babies
  • Time for a Cup: protecting your baby’s new teeth

Classes for Parents of children. Every 2 to 3 months we feature a new topic of interest to parents. Here are the topics for coming months:

  • June-August 2020:  Indoor Gardening
  • September-October 2020:  Sweeteners
  • November- December 2020:  Easy Diet for Mom and Child

Online Education. Too busy to come to the WIC office? Take classes nutrition and parenting classes online with a smart phone, gaming station with internet access, tablet or a computer. Ask your WIC worker or follow these steps:

  • Go to and create an account showing that Alameda County is your agency, and indicating where your usual WIC office is located (Telegraph, Eastmont, Hayward or Fremont)
  • Choose and complete the lesson online (they are fast and informative), then fill out the survey and email or print your certificate.
  • Your WIC office will be notified so that we can contact you to arrange pickup or mailing of WIC checks.

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