Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing

Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing

To protect residents from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure, Alameda County will prohibit smoking in multi-unit housing as of July 1, 2022. The law applies to multi-unit housing located in the Urban Growth Boundary of the Unincorporated Area of the County, including Ashland, Cherryland, Fairview, Castro Valley, and San Lorenzo.

Multi-unit housing means a lot with two or more units, including apartments, townhomes, condominium complexes, senior and assisted living facilities, long-term health care facilities, hotels and motels. As of July 1, 2022, no one is allowed to smoke:

  • Inside their unit;
  • On any balcony, porch, deck or patio;
  • In any indoor or outdoor common area, such as halls, pathways, lobbies, stairwells, mail areas/rooms, community rooms, playgrounds, pools, laundry rooms, and parking lots;
  • On neighboring property, within 25 feet from any doorway, window, opening or vent into a multi-unit residence (except for lots with single-family homes).

The smoke-free law does not apply to a single-family home with an accessory dwelling unit or junior accessory dwelling unit and mobile homes in a mobile home park.

"Smoking" includes cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, hookah, electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes, and cannabis/marijuana.

Additional information on the smoke-free requirements will be available in the coming months. Check this website for details of upcoming educational meetings. No-smoking signs will be available for download from the County.

If you have any questions about the smoke-free requirements, or would like to schedule a presentation about the law for residents or property owners, please contact the Alameda County Tobacco Control Program at or 510-208-5920.

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