How TB Control staff work with County residents

How TB Control staff work with County residents

The Tuberculosis program staff includes public health nurses, community health outreach workers, physicians and clerical support staff. Their job is to:

  • help clients and their families understand their disease
  • make sure clients have a physician and are receiving appropriate care
  • make sure clients take all of their medicine
  • get the names of friends, family and other individuals the client has been in close contact with so they can be checked for Tuberculosis and offered medicine if needed
  • assist TB clients with other needs such as referrals for Medi-Cal, housing, food, transportation to medical appointments, and linkages to other services as needed.

TB staff also consults with physicians, schools, hospital nurses and others in the community on Tuberculosis. Additionally, they monitor the number of TB cases yearly and determine other steps that need to be taken to control Tuberculosis in Alameda County.

Provders: To Report a Confirmed or Suspected

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