STD Projects

STD Projects

std3I Know Alameda

The I Know Alameda STD Home Test Kit Program is a free, accurate and confidential STD testing service for chlamydia and gonorhea - two of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Alameda County. The I Know Alameda STD Home Test Kit is designed specifically for women 25 years of age and younger. They can order a kit online, receive it by mail, and take the test in private. Tests are processed by the SF County Public Health Laboratory and results are made available online or by phone within a few days. Participants will use a unique username and password to confidentially access their results.

The STD home test kit can be ordered through the I Know Alameda program's website: or by phone at (510) 268-2110. STD Health Education staff is available to provide information about STD risk factors, symptoms and where to find treatment in Alameda County.

Follow us on Facebook at Don't Think Know - Alameda or contact the program by email at

Chlamydia Screening Project (ClaSP)

STD education and prevention screening, counseling, referral and treatment for Chlamydia. Target audiences:females booked into Alameda County Juvenile Hall and other Juvenile Justice programs.

  • schools (traditional, alternative and court-ordered)
  • community-based organizations, social service agencies, and health care providers that serve adolescents ages 15-19 and young adults ages 20-24.


STD Community Interventions Program (SCIP)

STD education, consultation and technical assistance
Target audience:

  • community-based organizations, health care providers, schools and other organizations that serve 12-24 year olds and are interested in integrating STD awareness into their program.

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