Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for services?

Members of the Regional Center who are Alameda County Residents and have active Medical and/or Medicare (not assigned to a risk HMO). Referrals will be assessed and determined by Schreiber Center staff to meet Specialty Mental Health Criteria (please link to attached document).

Does the individual have to be previously diagnosed with a mental illness?

No. Staff at Schreiber Center will provide comprehensive assessments of all mental health needs and welcomes both clients who have long-standing diagnoses and those who have never received an evaluation.

What services does the Schreiber Center currently offer?

We are able to provide assessments, medication assistance, and psychotherapy to eligible individuals.

Will you see clients in the field?

Currently we are unable to provide mobile assessment and therapy services. Referrals should be appropriate for and able to attend appointments at our office location.


Want to do a pre-screen on the phone?

Unsure if your client’s insurance is appropriate?

Please call and ask! (510) 383-5020.

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