The Schreiber Center

The Schreiber Center

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The Schreiber Center is a specialty mental health clinic developed in collaboration with Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, the Regional Center of the East Bay, and Alameda County Public Health Department.  The Center is dedicated to serving the mental health care needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our team of professionals specializes in supporting clients with complex behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric needs.

The Center was named in honor of Dr. Mary Lu Schreiber and Dr. Robert Schreiber, two beloved psychiatrists who provided psychiatric services for thousands of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Alameda County.

Special acknowledgement and sincere appreciation goes to Dr. Chris Esguerra and the staff of the Puente Clinic in San Mateo who generously provided guidance and a model specialty mental health clinic for replication in Alameda County.

Schreiber Center Program is funded by Mental Health Services Act.


The core services offered by the Schreiber Center are:

  • Assessment for Specialty Mental Health Services
  • Case Consultation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication Support

Schreiber Center Brochure:  English | Spanish | Chinese


The Schreiber Center currently serves residents of Alameda County ages 21 and up who are clients of the Regional Center of the East Bay.  Additionally, clients must meet the Specialty Mental Health Criteria and have a covered behavioral health care plan to be considered eligible for services.  Please contact your RCEB case manager to request a referral.

For more information about specialty mental health services and medical necessity, please see The County of Alameda Guide to Medi-Cal Mental Health Services.


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