Public Health Laboratory

Public Health Laboratory

phlab1The Public Health Laboratory provides testing services for the identification of microorganisms that cause disease including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. These services aid in the prevention and control of communicable diseases.

Our goals are to:

  • Interrupt the spread of communicable diseases by rapid identification of human microorganisms in human specimens.
  • Assure the food and water are free from microbial contaminates.
  • Assure that food handlers and day-care workers who have salmonella or other intestinal diseases are clear before they return to work.
  • Prevent the spread of rabies to humans by testing high risk animals that have human contact or are found in the environment.

See Alameda County Public Health Lab featured in Lab Matters-Spring 2017:  Realizing a Technological Vision in Alameda County, California

Program Eligibility:

Clinicians may submit specimens for communicable disease testing. For information regarding specimen submission contact the laboratory at (510) 382-4300.

Clinicians and hospital laboratories may submit specimens for communicable disease testing by using the Specimen Submittal Form. For information regarding specimen submission, contact the laboratory at (510) 382-4300.

Submission of animals for rabies testing must be requested from your local animal control service or Alameda County Vector Control at (510) 567-6800.

Water testing must be requested from Alameda County Environmental Health at (510) 567-6700.

Please use this laboratory specimen submission form for Influenza viral tests, including novel strains.

Select Agent Assistance:

Are you a clinical laboratory in Alameda County that requires guidance for the testing of a possible Select Agent?   Please see this document.


Below, are links to the forms required for establishing an application for non-diagnostic general health assessment events in Alameda County.

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