Staying Safe While Pregnant

Staying Safe While Pregnant

Pregnant WomanThese tips for pregnant women provide precautions to take during pregnancy to increase the chances of having a healthy baby, such as foods to avoid and ways to prevent infection.

Pregnant? Steps for a Healthy Baby

Learn how you can help prevent miscarriage, birth defects, and illness and have a healthy baby.

Seat Belts

Kick Counts

Around your seventh month of pregnancy, talk to your medical provider about counting your baby’s kicks as a way of checking on its health. Check with your health care provider about using the following instructions on how to do kick counts.


Dental Care

Denti-Cal dentists can provide pregnant patients with Medi-Cal: dental exams; cleanings; gum treatments; emergency dental services for the relief of pain, infection or trauma such as tooth removal.
Dentists currently accepting pregnant patients with Medi-Cal in Alameda County (April 2017)

HIV Testing During Pregnancy

An HIV test is now a part of routine prenatal care. Learn about HIV transmission, the reasons to be tested during pregnancy and how to protect yourself from HIV.

  • Perinatal HIV Hotline
    If you know that you are HIV positive, call to find a specialist or get specialized medical care right away to avoid transmission to your baby.
  • WORLD (Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Disease)
    Receive social support and other resources from other HIV- positive mothers.

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