Think you might be pregnant? What are your choices?

Think you might be pregnant? What are your choices?

Pregnancy testing and counseling about your choices are available for free or low cost. Call the toll-free Family Health Line: 1-888-604-4636 to find a medical provider that can offer you confidential and professional help. Click here for free or low-cost pregnancy testing services.

By seeking care as soon as you suspect you may be pregnant, you will have more available choices.

Prenatal Care

Even before your baby is born, there are many things you can do to give your baby the best start. The earlier you start prenatal care, the better. Early prenatal care will help make sure that you are healthy and your baby is growing without problems. You will get answers to your questions and learn how to best care for yourself during the pregnancy.

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If you are considering an abortion, you can receive accurate, unbiased and confidential information from a health care professional. Call the toll-free Alameda County Public Health Family Health Line information line 1-888-604-INFO (4636) for referrals.

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If you are considering adoption, Alameda County Social Services Agency Adoption Program provides free services to birthparents (pregnant women and the father of the baby).

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Don’t think you can care for your newborn?

California has a program encouraging parents to safely, legally and anonymously surrender a newborn at a hospital or fire station within 72 hours of the birth rather than abandoning them in an unsafe location.

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Are you under 21?

You may be able to get free, confidential health care services through Medi-Cal’s Minor Consent Program. For more information see:  What is Medi-Cal Minor Consent?

Need information on family planning?

The Family Planning unit provides information on family planning, including vasectomies

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