Health Excellence and Leadership (HEAL)

Health Excellence and Leadership (HEAL)

Health Excellence and Leadership (HEAL)Target Group: 8th Grade to High School

Objectives: Health Excellence and Leadership (HEAL) formerly Model Neighborhood Program (MNP). It has been striving to reduce health inequalities and disparities by providing career exploration activities to youth. The main goal of MNP is to improve the health of the people of our community by increasing the diversity of health care professionals by increasing the pool of diverse professionals by introducing these activities to students from the community. MNP supports career preparedness, reinforces high school graduation, and prepares students for entrance to college and the workforce. MNP with its partners provides paid work experience in the health careers, educational and enrichment activities to reinforce school success, mentoring and support services to students over a period of five years. In so doing, MNP supports youth in healthy development and risk avoidance ensuring that youth remain on the path to being healthy, productive members of their community.

Programs & Services:

  • MNP offers internships at Highland Hospital
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Mentorship

Duration: Year-round & Summer

Stipend: Varies.

Contact: Andria Batise, Program Coordinator




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