Biology Scholars Program (BSP)

Biology Scholars Program (BSP)


Target Group: UC Berkeley Undergraduate Students

Objectives: The Biology Scholars Program (BSP) is an undergraduate program at UC Berkeley designed to promote the success of students from economic, gender, ethnic and cultural groups historically underrepresented in the biological sciences. Funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the goal of BSP is to diversify who participates in science, there by benefiting the discipline and our larger society. Whereas most BSP members are biology majors, some choose other majors (e.g., psychology, social welfare, mathematics) leading to careers (e.g., journalism, public policy, public health) that will allow them best to express their interest in biology.

Programs & Services:

  • Clinical Exposure
  • Kerry’s Kids
  • Academic support
  • Biology Fellows Program
  • Study Center

Duration: Year-round & Summer

Stipend: TBA.

Contact: 510-643-4150




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