Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

older asian man tending gardenAlameda County Nutrition Services believes in the impact of Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) changes.

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

For health promotion and disease prevention strategies to be successful, policies, systems, and environments (PSE) must be supportive of health. Policy, systems, and environmental change strategies are designed to promote healthy behaviors by making healthy choices readily available and easily accessible in the community. PSE change strategies are designed with sustainability in mind.

Policy Change

Policy is a tool for achieving health promotion and disease prevention program goals. Policy decisions are made by organizations, agencies, and stakeholders. Policy approaches include legislative advocacy, fiscal measures, taxation, and regulatory oversight.

We encourage health and wellness policies within the county and with our partners.

Here are some sample Wellness polices.

Alameda County Worksite Wellness Policy

Alameda County promotes healthy options for employees, visitors to County facilities, and participants in County meetings and events.

OUSD Wellness policy

Tool kits

Tool kits are designed to help with creation and promotion of policy. Here is a sample tool kit for a early childhood setting.


Source: The Rural Health Information Hub

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