Cooking for Health Academy Program

Cooking for Health Academy Program

Since 2011, Alameda County Nutrition Services’ Cooking for Health Academy (C4HA) has worked in partnership with community members toCooking for Health Academyprovide nutrition knowledge, food safety awareness, and cooking techniques.

Our big-picture goal is for participants to increase their fruit and vegetable intake and decrease sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. The C4HA series is designed to assist community members, many of whom have limited time and funds, to learn and practice ways to provide healthful meals for themselves and their families.

C4HA stresses the importance of healthy eating, fresh produce and smart shopping, safe food preparation practices, and offers actual cooking skills through an United States Department of Agriculture-approved, hands-on, engaging curriculum.

The C4HA is a series of six, two-hour classes. Each class has four components:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Food Safety
  • Culinary Skill Techniques
  • Practice Session

See Cooking for Health Participant Workbook

Session topics include MyPlate with details about a balanced, healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fiber, protein sources, and healthy fats – plus tips for reducing sodium and sugar. Attendees who graduate from the Academy complete at least five of the six workshops and are then eligible to take the California Food Handler Certification test, all expenses paid!

Cooking for Health Academies are held throughout the year in various locations in Alameda County. For more information, contact Dale Murai at or call 510-268-4221.

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