Community Engagement and Internships Testimonials

Community Engagement and Internships Testimonials

Interns arrive with varying knowledge, skills, abilities and educational levels and there are many different engaging projects that they may perform. We align areas of interest and strength with areas of need to create projects. Here are some examples of previous intern engagement:

  • Giving presentations to Alameda County programs about the value of healthy living.
  • Assisting with menu preparation and presentation for programs such as the annual Pass In Review for Safety Patrol students as
  • part of the active transportation, Safety Routes to School Program.
  • Co-teaching nutrition education class series such as the Cooking for Health Academy
  • Helping with community outreach and outdoor activities such as the senior gardening classes, hiking trips on local trails with elementary students and families and creating presentations for the Alameda County fair.
  • Performing data entry for pre and post program survey and analyze resulting data.
  • Conducting community mapping to determine potential healthy retail sites.
  • Creating evaluative program reports for dissemination to stakeholders and the public.
  • Creating multi-year social media messaging for Harvest of the Month.


Intern Testimonials


Photo of Maryium"I have learned how to be more productive with my time and how to value every minute because projects must be completed on time to better help the community. Also [this internship] has helped me to get more comfortable being in the workplace and learning about the flow of the workplace in general."

Summer Intern 2019 in partnership with Lao Family Community Development
California State University East Bay Biology Major
Oakland International HS Graduate Honor Roll 2016




Photo of Casadora"Working for Nutrition Services has helped me gain a better understanding of what the public health field consists of which was originally unclear to me since this career field is so broad. During my internship, I obtained clerical and computer skills that I did not have before, such as learning how to use Microsoft Publisher. I was able to design a [button] logo for the Oakland School Safety Patrol and created the material on [this] internship page found on the Nutrition Services website. I enjoyed being able to assist with the preparations for a very meaningful project that helps kids get safely to and from school. The best part of the internship was being able talk with others about diet management, which correlates closely with my intended career to study endocrinology. The people in Nutrition Services are so nice and fun to work with!"

Summer Intern 2019 in partnership with Lao Family Community Development
Biological Science Major University of California, Irvine
Oakland born and raised.



Photo to Crystal Hui"During my internship, I had a chance to create, implement and analyze customer surveys for the Healthy Retail program, work on data and image analysis for the tobacco surveys, work with the Safe Routes to School program, and develop a social media framework and curate content to promote Harvest of the Month. This opportunity gave me a hands-on approach to learning how county public health programs work and was a place where my contributions felt valued. The outreach and community-based efforts done by ACNS gave me exposure to what communities in Alameda County looked like outside of the Berkeley bubble. This internship gave me the chance to network with other professionals within the Public Health Department and brought new career possibilities to my attention."

Crystal Hui
Summer Intern 2019, Health Career Connection, Inc.
Molecular Cell Biology Major │ Nutritional Science and Toxicology Major
University of California, Berkeley



Photo of Gal D'Souza"My internship experience with ACPHD Nutrition Services was phenomenal. I was able to experience working at the County level by helping with four projects led by Nutrition Services. I had the opportunity of working on a needs assessment project in East Oakland and Ashland, and also conducted a SWOT Analysis for all the programs under the Department of Public Health. I attended various meetings that brought together diverse stakeholders and addressed important issues such as the distribution of Federal Tax Dollars from the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax, as well as the barriers surrounding food insecurity problems through the Oakland Food Policy Council. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was to understand the needs of your population before approaching any community to conduct public health work…I would highly recommend this internship to any future public health leaders!"

Gail D’Souza, MPH, CHES®
Summer Intern, 2017
Master of Public Health
Claremont Graduate University



Photo of Zalae Etienne

"My supervisor has given me a lot of guidance and support on the new projects that we have been working on. This internship has been an outside of the box experience for me because you have to be fast on your feet and able to think on the spot. There are so many different things to work on, and the workplace is very different than a college classroom. I am also eager to start teaching a Cooking for Health Academy class."

Zalaé Etienne
Summer | Fall 2019 Intern
Master of Science in Nutrition
University of Southern California, Berkeley resident




Photo of Allison Suchy"Interning at the Alameda County Nutrition Services was a great opportunity for me to explore careers in dietetics outside of clinical nutrition. Working with Nori, my preceptor, and the rest of the team, I learned a lot about a dietitian's role in the local community as well as how nutrition policy impacts the community. I did this through actively participating in and advocating potential nutrition policies in Alameda County/Bay Area and working on some of the department's ongoing projects in healthy retail. As someone who is very interested in primary prevention of chronic disease, I valued from learning about the local government's efforts to create healthful environments for all levels of society to promote a thriving community. I highly recommend this experience!"

Allison Suchy, RDN
February and March 2019
Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science
Cornell University




Photo of Ericka Morales"Being in the Nutrition Services helped me to gain more confidence in myself. Working with a great team taught me the importance to let go of the self and to work as a team. I was and still impressed of all the work that it needs to be done to help the communities, and all the work that Nutrition Service in conjunction with other departments, are doing to help those in need. They help seniors, children and those with disabilities, impart nutrition classes, do after school fairs, and write policies. They have a fantastic network."

Ericka Morales
April – June 2017
Certificate in Nutrition Assistance, City College of San Francisco




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