County Nutrition Action Partnership

County Nutrition Action Partnership

CNAP convenes on the
4th Tuesday of the month

Meetings are virtual.

ACNAP LogoThe Alameda County Public Health Nutrition Services convenes the Alameda County Nutrition Action Partnership (CNAP).CNAP’s goal is to support environments that promote optimal health for all SNAP-Ed-eligible Alameda County residents, where local nutritious food and physical activity opportunities are readily available and easy to access.

Objectives:  By September 30, 2026, CNAP will:

  1. Support promotion of at least two selected region-wide campaigns (Rethink Your Drink Day, Healthy Snack Day, etc.)
  2. Assess and explore potential partnerships with at least 10 non-traditional partners, build relationships, and develop collaborative activities to increase nutrition knowledge, physical activity, and/or food accessibility at sites in SNAP-Ed eligible communities.
  3. Support at least 10 strategies per year that promotes selected neighborhood campaign.
  4. Collaborate through an integrated work plan on direct and indirect multi-level, place-based strategies to promote nutrition, wellness, physical activity, and PSE changes, incorporating common messaging to expand development of obesity prevention efforts in two focus neighborhoods.
  5. Convene meetings a minimum of six times/year to implement three-year integrated work plan, share information about member programs, secure new partners to leverage opportunities to expand program outreach, and continue to implement consistent NE/PA messaging to the SNAP-Ed eligible population.
  6. Identify resources and current programming by CNAP agencies, CBOs, government agencies, and key stakeholders.

Active Member Agency Roster FFY 2022-2023

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