Legislative Council

Legislative Council

legislative1Legislative Council’s vision is: Everyone in Alameda County benefits from policies that assure equitable health and wellness.
Legislative Council’s mission is: To promote a social and health equity legislative agenda through a cross-agency, interactive, and inclusive process.

This mission is achieved by:

  • Maintaining a Public Health Department infrastructure for legislative advocacy and policy development
  • Developing and introducing proactive legislative proposals
  • Supporting pending legislation that promotes our legislative priorities
  • Building partnerships to develop community-driven public health policies

Goals of the Legislative Council:

  • Initiate public health legislative proposals
  • Monitor federal and state legislation pertinent to our communities
  • Work closely with State and Federal lobbyists
  • Advise Alameda County Board of Supervisors to support, oppose or amend public health-related legislation
  • Sponsor educational forums to communicate public health related issues
  • Present legislative briefings for federal and state legislators

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