Resources for Child Care Providers and Schools

Resources for Child Care Providers and Schools

Excellent Vaccination Rates for Alameda County Child Care Facilities!

The most recent annual childcare report from the California Department of Public Health shows that 95.8% of California child care facilities reported they have received all required vaccines. 95.4% of Alameda County child care facilities were up-to-date!

California Law requires certain vaccinations for children in child care and in elementary school, middle school and some colleges.

The links below outline these requirements and offer support for child care and schools to enforce these requirements.

Immunization Requirements

These requirements keep all public, private and charter schools, as well as in-home and center-based child care programs in California safe from vaccine preventable diseases. Students who do not meet the requirements for their grade/age may be denied entry to school until they are brought up-do-date.

As of January 1, 2021, all medical exemptions will be submitted electronically directly into the California Immunization Registry Medical Exemption (CAIR-ME). All California health care providers (MD and DO) are required to submit new immunization-related medical exemptions (ME) on behalf of children enrolled at California’s K-12 schools and childcare agencies electronically via the CDPH CAIR Medical Exemptions from Immunizations for School and Child Care web portal: CDPH CAIR ME. Physicians licensed in California can register to use CAIR-ME at any time to issue a medical exemption. Schools and childcare facilities can monitor and get updates for medical exemptions issued for children in attendance.

We also have a comprehensive handout with links to all of the most important needed documents for checking immunization records for both Child Care and School personnel.

School Vaccination Rates in Alameda County

  • Alameda County Community Immunity Rankings

It takes a lot of hard work for schools and kindergartens to ensure that all students are fully up-to-date on their required immunizations. These lists divide schools and child care centers with more than 20 students into different Community Immunity categories. Schools and Child Care centers with outstanding coverage rates also receive certificates of appreciation signed by our Alameda County Director, Kimi Watkins-Tartt.

  • Map of School Vaccination Rates

These maps show the names and locations of child care providers and schools in Alameda County. Locations are marked in either green, yellow, or red to indicate how well vaccinated each school is (based on most recent immunization requirement reporting). Those sites that did not report are in blue and considered delinquent reporters.

Other Resources

We provide immunization materials like Blue Cards, Tdap stickers, and informational pamphlets free of charge. Order online and we’ll drop them in the mail for you.

Information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about maintaining a healthy child care program.

Many medical facilities in Alameda County keep records of vaccinations given to their clients in this secure online database. Schools and child care providers that would like read-only access to this database should contact us.

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