Flu Vaccine Distribution

We distribute flu vaccine only to providers who agree to certain guidelines about to whom they will administer the vaccine and how and when to report usage. Please review the Program Guidelines below for all information on participation and if you are interested in joining our program, call us at 510-267-3230.

For providers who have already been contacted by us with their allocation information, please follow the links below to review the participation guidelines.

For online form submission, follow these links:
Program Guidelines and Usage Agreement - Due August 25, 2023
Clinic Schedule Form - Due September 22, 2023
Simple Inventory - Due November 17, 2023
First Usage Report  - Due January 19, 2024
Second Usage Report - Due June 7, 2024

Additional Useful Forms not for submission:
Vaccine Screening Form English | Spanish | Chinese
Vaccine Management Template
Refrigerator Temperature Log
Refrigerator Vaccine Transport Log
Transporting Refrigerated Vaccines
Refrigerator Set-Up for Vaccine Storage
Injectable Flu Vaccine Information Statement (VIS): English | Spanish

For more information about seasonal flu please go to:
Frequently Asked Influenza (Flu) Questions: 2022-2023 Season

CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit
Vaccine Eligibility Guidelines IMM-1142
Don’t Wait to Vaccinate Campaign – California Immunization Coalition
Other Resources from California Department of Public Health

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