Resources and Services

Resources and Services

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Offered here is an array of resources for food, family emergency preparedness, grief counseling, school guidance, and resources for families and advocates.

  • Health Care Toolkits
    The National Immigration Law Center’s toolkits are designed for health care providers and include tools for understanding provider rights, resources to help understand patients’ rights, tips for creating safe spaces for patients and staff, and a variety of sample materials. Note: Site registration is required to access content.
  • Local Resource Guide for Immigrant and Refugee Services
    Produced by Alameda County Board of Supervisor Keith Carson and Asian Community Collaborative, this guide includes legal aid, health care, citizenship, education, and transportation resources.


  • The California School Board Association has developed a number of resources -including legal guidance, sample board resolutions, and templated polices - to help California’s schools continue to justly educate students impacted by immigration status.
  • Refugee Center Online (online classes, resources, community connections)

Family Emergency Preparedness

Families Facing Deportation

Immigration Raids

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