National, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is an official U.S. Government website, designed to provide HIV/AIDS-related information to the public. In addition to HIV/AIDS basic information, there are also links to federal resources and testing centers.

Black AIDS Institute
The Black AIDS Institute is the only national HIV/AIDS organization geared exclusively towards HIV/AIDS prevention amongst Black people. includes information on the Institute's projects, programs, events, and resources.

National HIV and STD Testing Resources, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a service presented by the CDC, providing locations for HIV and STD testing and STD vaccines within the United States.

National HIV and STD Testing Resources Search, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's search tool enables users to type in their zip code, and will show testing centers within a specified radius. The user can also check off the services that they are looking for, and the results link to the testing centers' websites., of The HealthCentral Network is a website designed to reduce barriers between patients and clinicians. The website consists of information, resources, personal stories, expert answers, bulletin boards, and community resources for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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