Alameda County HIV/AIDS Service Providers

Alameda County HIV/AIDS Service Providers

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Magic Johnson Clinic) (AHF)
AHF's Mission is to provide Cutting-Edge Medicine and Advocacy Regardless of Ability to Pay. This is the mission of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. It is through this mission we are striving to reach 30 countries and save over 100,000 lives. Some see it as an impossible goal. We see it as a necessary one. AHF pledges to fight this disease no matter whom it afflicts, or where it is found. We will not rest until AIDS is eradicated from the globe.

Address: 400 30th Street Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: 510-628-0949 Fax: 510-628-0947


Alameda County Medical Center (ACMC)
ACMC was first organization in the East Bay to open a clinic specifically for people with HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to help people with HIV live healthier and longer. We are an experienced team of doctors, nurses, case managers and counselors who put you in charge of your own health decisions and work with you and your family to keep you healthy.

Address: 1411 East 31st Street, Oakland, CA 94602
Phone: 510-437-4800


Alameda County Offices of HIV Care and Preventionn
Our mission is to work in partnership with the community to promote health and quality of life and to protect the public from the spread of communicable diseases and the health impact of emergencies.

Address: 1000 Broadway, Suite 310, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: 510-268-7630 Fax: 510-268-7631


Alameda Health Consortium
The Alameda Health Consortium is the association of community health centers based in Alameda County, California, that works together and supports the involvement of our communities in achieving comprehensive, accessible health care and improved outcomes for everyone in the County. All people have the right to accessible and affordable high quality health care that prevents illness, promotes wellness, and is sensitive to the unique needs of particular communities and cultures.

Address: 101 Callan Avenue Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94577
Phone: 510-297-0230 Fax: 510-297-0239


Allen Temple Baptist Church
The Allen Temple Baptist Church AIDS Ministry seeks to combat the fear and prejudice surrounding HIV/AIDS by providing medical and social services, as well as prevention education. Our efforts focus deeply and solely on East Oakland, California.

Address: 8501 International Blvd., Oakland, CA 94621
Phone: 510-544-3342


APEB (AIDS Project of the East Bay)
APEB is a community based organization, dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV and supporting individuals infected with the virus through programs targeted at some of the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals in Alameda County. APEB ensures that individuals and communities beyond the reach of other agencies receive professional services of the highest standard APEB programs focus on prevention education, counseling, primary medical care, research collaborations, and advocacy. As the scope of the HIV/AIDS epidemic changes, APEB will continue to evolve to ensure access to compassionate and exceptional care for those in greatest need.

Address: 1320 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: 510-663-7979 Fax: 510-663-7973


Ark of Refuge Inc. (City of Refuge San Francisco, CA)
The mission of the Ark of Refuge is to challenge and overcome the individual and institutional barriers which discourage or prevent underserved populations from accessing vital services. This agency is dedicated to creating culturally sensitive programs which address holistically the complex life circumstances of persons in need of basic health, educational, and psychosocial services.

Address: 1025 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 510-663-7979 Fax: 510-663-7973


Asian Health Care Services
To serve and advocate for the Asian community regarding its health rights, and to assure access to health care services regardless of income, insurance status, language, or culture.

Address: 818 Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: 510-986-6830 Fax: 510-986-6890


CAL-PEP (California Prevention Education Project)
CAL-PEP is committed to preventing the spread of HIV and reducing substance abuse among youth and adults by delivering innovative services and programs in a confidential, sex friendly environment.

Address: 1504 Franklin Street #302, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: 510-874-7850 Fax: 510-839-6775


Catholic Charities
Directed by our Faith, Catholic Charities lifts people out of poverty by promoting self-sufficiency, strengthening families, and supporting safe and just communities. Since 1935, Catholic Charities of the East Bay has served people in need in Alameda and Contra Costa counties regardless of their religious affiliation.

Address: 433 Jefferson Street, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: 510-768-3100 Fax: 510-451-6998


Childrens Hospital
The mission of Children's Hospital Oakland is to ensure:

  • The highest quality pediatric care for all children through regional primary and subspecialty networks
  • Strong medical education and teaching programs
  • A diverse workforce
  • State-of-the-art research programs and facilities
  • Nationally recognized child advocacy efforts
Address: 1747 52nd Street, Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: 510-428-3000


HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County (HEPPAC)

Address: PO BOX 7522, Oakland, CA 94601
Phone: 510-434-0307 Fax: 510-261-8365


La Clinica de La Raza
The mission of La Clínica is to improve the quality of life of the diverse communities we serve by providing culturally appropriate, high quality, and accessible health care for all. Dedicated to serving the entire needs of the family, La Clínica provides a comprehensive array of services at eighteen sites: La Clínica de La Raza, Family Optical, five school-based clinics, and the Pediatric clinic. Also, La Clínica operates medical and dental clinics in Contra Costa County, Vallejo, Concord and Pittsburgh.

Address: 1450 Fruitvale Avenue, 3rd Floor, Oakland, CA 94601
Phone: 510-535-4000 Fax: 510-535-4189


LifeLong Medical Center
Provides high-quality health and social services for individuals with limited income, as well as those who face significant barriers to attaining better health, with a positive, caring environment.

Address: 10700 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94605
Address: 2031 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA 94607
Phone: 510-981-4100


Pacific Center
The Pacific Center is an award winning, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community center based in Berkeley, CA serving the East Bay and Greater Bay Area. Through professional counseling, groups, community events, and advocacy, Pacific Center works to foster and enhance the well-being and self-respect of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. Pacific Center provides high quality, LGBT sensitive, mental health services at affordable sliding scale fees. Medi-Cal payments are accepted. Our services include: Our counselors can help you with coming out, anxiety, depression, and other mental health needs. We also provide referrals for other providers as appropriate.

Address: 2712 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone: 510-548-8283 Fax: 510-548-2938


Tri-City Health Center
The HIV Services Department provides prevention outreach and education, anonymous testing, as well as primary care and support services for HIV+ clients.

Address: 39184 State Street, Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: Appointments: 510-770-8040 Medical Advice: 510-770-8040


WORLD (Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Disease)
WORLD connects HIV-positive women, their families, allies, and communities to one another through peer-based education, support, advocacy, and leadership development. WORLD is a diverse organization for, by, and about women living with, and at risk for, HIV/AIDS.

Address: 414 - 13th Street, 2nd Floor, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-986-0340 Fax: 510-986-0341

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