Zika Virus Disease Updated Advisory

As of 8/3/2016, CDC reports 1818 travel-associated Zika infections in the continental U.S., including 479 infections in pregnant women, 16 sexually transmitted infections, and 5 patientswith Guillain-Barré syndrome. One laboratory-acquired infection has been reported. Florida has reported 6 non-travel associated Zika cases due to local mosquito transmission. As of 7/28/16, 15 liveborn infants with birth defects and 6 pregnancy losses associated with Zika have been reported in the continental U.S.

As of 8/5/16 California reports 134 cases including 1 due to sexual transmission, 23 pregnant women, and 2 infants with birth defects. All CA cases have been travel associated; 10 of the 134 cases are in Alameda County. See https://www.cdph.ca.gov/HealthInfo/discond/Pages/Zika.aspx for weekly updated case counts.  See http://www.cdc.gov/zika/geo/index.htm for current list of Zika-affected areas.

New information on Zika infection continues to emerge and guidelines for Zika virus testing have been updated by the CDC on 7/25/16. This health advisory summarizes key updates since the last Zika health advisory on 4/1/16 and includes new information and guidance for Zika virus testing in pregnant women in Alameda County as well as updates in interim guidance for prevention of sexual transmission of Zika virus for couples in which one partner has traveled to or resides in an area with active Zika transmission.

For health care providers:

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