Measles Cases in Alameda County and California

As of January 16, Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) has confirmed 4 cases of measles in 2015 and is investigating other suspect cases. The State of California has confirmed 33 recent cases. An outbreak of measles from exposures associated with visits to Disney theme parks in December 17-20th, 2014 has resulted in 28 cases throughout California, including in Alameda County. Five additional cases have no identified common exposures with the outbreak. Cases involve both children and adults, ages 7 months to 59 years old, including 15 unimmunized individuals. A small number of cases were previously immunized. Measles is very infectious, and airborne transmission can occur in crowded settings. Outbreaks in California typically involve infected international visitors or unimmunized persons traveling overseas in areas where large measles outbreaks are occurring, followed by local spread. All Alameda County residents should ensure they are immune or have been vaccinated against measles

Think of measles in patients with a fever and rash, especially with a history of travel or exposure to returning travelers or measles patients. Although most measles cases occur in unvaccinated patients, cases have occurred in patients who reported a history of MMR vaccination.

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