Legionellosis at San Quentin State Prison

As of September 1, 2015, six confirmed cases of legionellosis have been reported in inmates of San Quentin State Prison. No confirmed cases have occurred among prison guards, staff, family members living on prison grounds, or visitors.

For Healthcare Providers:
Consider testing for legionellosis in patients with pneumonia who visited or worked at San Quentin State Prison in August 2015.  Please order a Legionella urine antigen test and culture of lower respiratory tract secretions (e.g., sputum, lung tissue, broncheoalveolar lavage), specifying suspected legionellosis to ensure that specimens are cultured on appropriate media.

Report confirmed and suspected legionellosis cases to ACPHD by phone (510-267-3250) or fax (510-268-2111) in Alameda County residents not living in the City of Berkeley.

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