Changes to J&J Guidance and CDPH Booster Requirements

Due to the risk of Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS), a rare but serious adverse event, the CDC now recommends the use of mRNA vaccines over the Janssen/J&J vaccine for all vaccine-eligible persons. Vaccine providers should start the two-dose mRNA vaccine series even if there is uncertainty about how the patient will receive their second dose; setting alone should not be a reason to offer the J&J vaccine. However, J&J may be offered in some situations as described below:

  • When there is a contraindication to mRNA vaccines (e.g., severe allergic reaction after a previous dose or to a component of an mRNA vaccine)
  • When a person would otherwise remain unvaccinated for COVID-19 due to limited access to vaccines.
  • When a person wants to receive J&J despite the safety concerns identified

 For more information, please review the CDC’s Interim Clinical Considerations.

As Omicron spreads, it is important that providers encourage all eligible patients to get a booster, especially those over 50 or those with significant underlying health conditions.

For more information, please see PDF.

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