Ebola Virus Disease Reporting Numbers

Call immediately if you have a potential or suspect case.

We will arrange for specialized lab testing and provide guidelines for infection control and appropriate transportation, if necessary.

During Business Hours
Phone: (510) 267-3250

After Hours
Phone: (925) 422-7595

Updated June 7, 2016

Alameda County Ebola Guidance

All Alameda County health care providers should be prepared to identify and temporarily isolate a patient presenting with signs or symptoms compatible with Ebola Virus Disease AND a history of recent exposure. In addition, they should inform the ACPHD Acute Communicable Disease Unit immediately by phone if they have a suspect case to ensure the patient meets the criteria for a suspect case and if so, allow for appropriate infection control precautions and safe transport to an Ebola designated assessment/treatment center.

All hospitals should at a minimum maintain the ability to screen, identify, and isolate suspect Ebola patients; sustain enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for 12-24 hours of care; and prepare patient for transfer with coordination and guidance from Alameda County public health and EMS. This preparation is how the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Ebola Hospital Preparedness framework defines "frontline" health care facilities.
In Alameda County, all hospitals are considered "frontline" except:

  • Kaiser Oakland Medical Center - designated Ebola "treatment center"
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland designated “assessment” hospital for pediatric patients.

Alameda County Clinical Ebola Guidance is organized by Topic Area
General Clinical Guidance

EMS/Patient Transport

Outpatient Settings /Ambulatory Care

Emergency Departments


  • Ebola Virus Disease Scenario and Template for Hospital Drill (CDPH)- 2014
  • Hospitals Ebola Virus Disease Page (CDC) – includes general information as well as information on PPE and treatment for patients 6.19.15

Infection Prevention and Control/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE Training and Tools

Laboratory Guidance

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