Alameda County Disaster Preparedness Health Coalition

Alameda County Disaster Preparedness Health Coalition

We welcome new members any time particularly from healthcare sectors that are underrepresented in our coalition such a behavioral health, dialysis, home health providers and surgery centers.

New Member Documents

The Alameda County Disaster Preparedness Health Coalition (DPHC) is a voluntary multidisciplinary, multi-agency body created to coordinate healthcare preparedness for all-hazard emergencies through mitigation, planning, response and recovery. The primary role is to provide for communication and collaboration among the participating agencies in these activities. The coalition duties include: planning; organizing and equipping; training; exercising evaluation; shared information management and communication systems; response coordination; defining priorities for HPP funding and potentially looking for other funding opportunities.

DPHC Training Session

The DPHC was originally developed in 2006 to coordinate HPP grant funding and partner on emergency planning with health care providers. The general membership is open and voluntary to providers of healthcare services in Alameda County.

Our Vision: To collaborate and respond effectively to all hazards with the goal of preserving of life, property and environment. The goal is to ensure the continuum of medical/health care and a resilient health care system.

Our Mission: To provide education, networking, mentoring, technical assistance, coordination, communication and leadership opportunities to health care staff/facilities in Alameda County.

Our Members: Core partners are Public Health, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals and Emergency Management with general coalition membership open to providers of healthcare services in Alameda County, as well as coordinating and collaborative partners.

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