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Do You Have Adult Patients Who Are Diagnosed With Diabetes?

Do you have school-age patients diagnosed with diabetes?

The following form is to ensure the safety of students with diabetes. It will aid the school nurse/personnel in developing the students' Diabetes Management Plan and to meet the requirements of the California Education Code. This form will ensure that school staff has all necessary tools to manage a child's diabetes in the school setting.

Diabetes Care in California Public Schools?

Public School students with diabetes who cannot self-administer insulin are entitled under federal law to have it administered to them during the schoold day by a medical personnel. On August 12, 2013, the State of California passed a law that allows non-medical school staff to administer insulin when approved by the student's parents and treating physician. These individuals will be trained to help children with the insulin they need to survive and thrive at school. Children will no longer be placed in situations that engender their health, safety, and access to educational opportunities. They will be able to receive insulin any time they need it, even if a nurse isn't there.

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