Diabetes Program

Diabetes Program


blood-glucometerThe Diabetes Program provides self-management classes to adults diagnosed with pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. The diabetes team provides education classes, support groups, and develops a treatment plan to assist you in controlling your diabetes. Read how the ACPHD Diabetes Program helps people live better with Type 2 diabetes.

Education Classes and Support Groups

The Diabetes Class is an 8-week course. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements meet once a week for 2 hours. Topics discussed are the following - Diabetes Management; Medication; Monitoring Blood Sugar, Stress Management; Physical Activity; Sick Days; Nutrition.

The Diabetes Support Group meet once a month for 2 hours. Topics varies.

The Hypertension Class is a 4-week course. Individuals meet once a week for 2 hours. Topics discussed are the following – What is Hypertension; Nutrition; Physical Activity; Lifestyle Modification; Medications; Heart Attack; Stroke.

For a schedule of education classes and support groups offered throughout Alameda County, click the following class schedule links.  To register, please contact the Diabetes Program at (510)383-5185.

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Target Audience

  • Adults (18 years and older)

What is Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes results from your body not producing enough insulin or your body not using the insulin properly. Type 2 diabetes develops in adults and more recently has been found in children. You may have diabetes and not know it, as often there are no symptoms. Learn more »

The Program’s Goals are to:

  • prevent medical problems related to diabetes.
  • improve your understanding of type 2 diabetes.
  • improve your ability to control your diabetes.


Medical providers can refer their patient that meets all the eligibility requirements. Please complete the following referral form and fax it to the Diabetes Program at (510) 383-5183.  For more information, go to our Eligibility page.

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