Telehealth Dental Care: The Virtual Dental Home
Virtual Dental Home is an innovative system of dental care that provides onsite care using portable equipment with an emphasis on chronic disease management and prevention.

Excerpts of State & Community Perspectives on Gaps in the Developmental Disabilities Delivery
Testimony given on February 17, 2015 by Arc of California Executive Director Tony Anderson and Department of Developmental Services Director Santi Rodgers, illustrating the desperate situation that many persons with disabilities and their families face in California.

Using Technology to Empower Community Outreach and Resilience
Ana-Marie Jones, Executive Director of Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD), discusses the use of social media to build community, enhance communication, and embrace technology.

What does work look like for people with developmental disabilities?

Project Y illustrates what employment looks like for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and how it improves the quality of their lives. See what individuals say about their work in the Huckleberry Café, in a Safeway bakery, or making films in Futures Explored Film & Media Workshop.

The Film and Media Workshop students have conducted a number of interviews with employees and employers to help illustrate important issues and challenges. Interview segments are available on YouTube.

23rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act
In honor of the 23rd anniversary of ADA, the American Association of People with Disabilities 2013 summer interns produced this PSA "to demonstrate how far we've come and where we need to go from here," explained Adelphi University graduate and AAPD intern Emily Ladau. "We are all young adults with a passion for disability advocacy. We created this with drive, dedication, and a $0 budget, and we are all so proud of the end result. Please take the time to consider the importance of the messages..."!

Town Hall Testimonials on the Impact of State Budget Cuts

This Town Hall held January 27, 2012 focused on the cumulative impact of budget cuts through 2011. This video contains testimony from the January 28, 2011 East Bay Developmental Disabilities Legislative Coalition in Oakland. Dozens of persons with Disabilities, along with service providers, spoke on the devastating impact of current and proposed medical and support service cuts proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown. These budgetary cuts continue.

Kimberly Williams, Alive Consumer Action Committee
Tells the story of losing her dental care benefits because of MediCal program cuts.

Nickole Bouslog, Alive Consumer Action Committee
Speaks of the importance of durable medical equipment, like her wheelchair and voice-activated computer.

Joel Sidney, Project SEARCH graduate
Project SEARCH is a collaboration among Alameda County, Oakland Unified Schools, East Bay Innovations, East Bay Regional Center, and the Calif. State Department of Rehabilitation, providing job internships, placement and support for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Carl Tolentino, Alive Consumer Action Committee
Carl urges parents to vaccinate their children. Because he wasn’t vaccinated Carl explains his case of mumps turned into viral encephalitis and lifelong disabilities.


Healthcare Stories
Healthcare Stories

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund
DREDF offers these healthcare stories an an advocacy tool for healthcare justice for people with disabilities.

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