COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Listos California: COVID-19

Activities for Families

Plain Language Resources

Social Stories

Working with support staff


General Information

Global COVID-19 Prevention

COVID Information in ASL - a library of You Tube video’s including general information, face coverings, hand-washing, signs/symptoms, when to call a doctor, risk etc.

What in the World is Going On?  Plain Talk COVID -19 includes discussion of rights and benefit information

What is Coronavirus?

BrainPOP – How to teach Kids about COVID-19

AumSum Time – What is a coronavirus

RZ Kingdom – Cornoavirus 19 short Film Animation


Tips for Staying Healthy

Self-Determination Channel

Hand Washing Videos

Germ Smart – Wash your hands!

Babylon Health – How to wash your hands

Social Distancing Videos

AumSum Time – What is social distancing and self-quarantine

BrainPOP - Social Distancing - A Kid-friendly explanation

Cincinnati Children’s – What is social distancing?

Avoid Touching Your Face


Wearing a Mask

Babylon Health – How and when to use a face mask

Support for People Who Have a Hard Time Wearing Face Coverings (Masks)

We Wear Masks - a social story about the coronavirus

How to Properly Sneeze

Hamilton Health Sciences – How to properly sneeze

CDC – Cover your cough and sneezes - Kids

PPE Instructions

CDC – How to put on PPE

CDC – How to safely take off PPE


Social Stories

National Fragile X Foundation – COVID-19 Social Story

Niagara Sheriff – Wearing a Mask – a social narrative for children by Autism Little Learners


Parent Portal

Autism Association of Western Australia – Communication Tips & Strategies

Scope Aust – First/Then Board – Communication’s Aid


Virtual Tours at Home

Toms Road Trippin – San Diego Zoo

Our Coral Reef – New York Aquarium

VirtualFieldTrip – Amazon Rainforest

African Safaris Ltd – 19 day Kenya and Tanzania African Wildlife Safari

Skinnys Cool Videos- Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Australia Zoo – Robert Irwin’s Virtual Australia Zoo Tour

Expedia – Yosemite National Park Vacation Travel Guide

Expedia – Yellow Stone National Park Vacation Travel Guide

Prowalk Tours – Egyptian Museum

Great Museums – A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art



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