Health Care and Health Care Reform

PQI Brief

Alameda County Public Health Department Adult Preventable Hospitalizations: Examining Impacts, Trends, and Disparities by Group
Published 2014

The brief gives an overview of those hospitalizations for adults in Alameda County that could have been avoided had there been high-quality primary and preventative outpatient care earlier. Preventable hospitalizations are measured by Prevention Quality Indicators (PQIs), which are a standardized set of measures created by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). In the wake of the nation’s move toward improving healthcare access and quality under the Affordable Care Act, monitoring preventable hospitalizations at the local level and being able to weigh into the national conversation may be a timely and relevant effort.
Health Care Reform

State and Federal Health Care Reform in Alameda County
Published 2012

Preliminary impact analysis; challenges and opportunities.

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