Alameda County Resources

Alameda County Resources

To learn more about participating in the CPSP Program in Alameda County, contact the Perinatal Services Coordinator.

CPSP Provider Application Updates


CPSP Assessment Forms

Please contact CPSP Coordinator to access the following documents:

  • Alameda County Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program Protocols:
    This protocol template is designed to be used with Alameda County CPSP assessment forms.
  • Integrated CPSP Initial and Trimester Assessments
  • Postpartum CPSP Assessment
  • Perinatal Dietary Assessment
  • Perinatal Dietary Assessment Instructions
  • CPSP Protocols

CPSP Patient Orientation

  • Welcome to Prenatal Care Brochure
    Tri-fold brochure can be used to provide patient orientation to CPSP services. Content complies with CPSP State regulations and can be customized for each CPSP office.

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