Our Disease Prevention Programs

Bay Area Regional Conference 2018

Alameda County Public Health has a number of programs and campaigns devoted to the prevention of communicable and sexually transmitted disease.

Chronic Hepatitis Program

Immunization Program

A program to help Alameda County adults and children get all needed immunizations to protect them against diseases that can be prevented.

Office of AIDS Administration

Their mission is to reduce the rates of new HIV infections; increase the number of county residents who know their HIV status earlier through HIV testing; and linking individuals who are positive into care.

Perinatal Hepatitis B Program

The Perinatal Hepatitis B Program works with hepatitis B positive mothers and medical providers to protect newborns from hepatitis B.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Control

A program that works to increase individual, community, and health care provider awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) with a goal to reduce STDs in Alameda County residents especially the highest at-risk populations – adolescents and young adults - through education, prevention and community awareness. STD screening, testing and education are also provided.

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