Criminal Justice Medical Program (CJMP)

The Criminal Justice Medical Program (CJMP) is responsible for reimbursing the cost of urgent emergency medical treatment provided at a hospital to adults who have violated a State Statute or County Ordinance and are in police custody, but have yet to be booked.

This program covers pre-booking medical care services for adults who are not inmates of a public institution.

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CJMP Coverage

There are four areas of coverage in the Criminal Justice Medical Program:

Emergency Medical Treatment

  • This program is responsible for true emergency services (e.g., Code 2 or Code 3 by ambulance, life or death situation, etc. Patients arriving by police vehicle are not covered by this program).
  • Patient must be in police custody prior to booking.
    Services provided to an adult in custody, who is subsequently released without being booked, will be covered by the program if there was an original intent to book at the time of arrest. For the claim to be paid, the individual must be held in custody by the arresting officer until after release from the hospital and, upon release, the arresting officer must provide documentation showing reason for release of arrestee without booking.


If emergency treatment results in hospital admittance, the institution must receive prior approval from the Alameda County Public Health Department, Criminal Justice Medical Program (CJMP) before admitting the individual.

  • To receive approval, call (510) 267-8081 or (510) 267-8089 (If there is no answer, press '0' and ask for SB12/CJMP staff in the Administrative Division). The CJMP staff will fax the hospital an authorization form with an authorization number. If admittance is not during regular business hours (M-F, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm), the approval request must be made when the CJMP office re-opens.
  • CJMP patients must be under police guard while in the hospital.
  • Funding for this program will only cover hospitalization costs according to the CPT Codes.
  • Claims submitted for patients who are admitted to the hospital without prior authorization will not be covered.

Fire Department Costs

  • Funding for this program will only cover up to 20% of the Fire Department claims.

Blood Alcohol Testing

  • CJMP is responsible for the costs associated with blood alcohol testing if 1) the fund established by California Penal Code 1463.14 is exhausted and 2) the arrest was made by the California Highway Patrol in an unincorporated area.
    • Penal Code 1463.14 establishes a fund to pay for the cost of performing analyses of blood, breath or urine for alcohol content or the presence of drugs. State Attorney General Legal Opinions 91-902 and 97-1106 have determined that, in the event that the account becomes depleted, the public entity ordering the test must bear the cost. Additionally, these opinions have determined that the costs of testing a person arrested by the California Highway Patrol in an unincorporated area are to be paid by the county and the costs of testing for a person arrested by any officer within a city are to be paid by that city.

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