CHDP Providers

CHDP Providers

CHDP Provider Relations Staff

Our goal is to ensure that CHDP provider offices meet state standards in order to provide quality health care for Alameda County children and youth. Provider relations staff provide training, referrals and resources, in addition to certifying and renewing certifications for CHDP providers.

CHDP staff can assist provider offices with any questions and concerns you may have. Please call 510-618-2070 to speak with a provider relations nurse, the nutritionist, or other program staff.

Care Coordination

Provider Relations Nurses provide care coordination for CHDP patients covered by CHDP Gateway or Medi-Cal fee for service upon request. Providers must submit the care coordination form to request follow-up. Please view the detailed form instructions.

CHDP Periodicity

CHDP has adopted the Bright Futures schedule for exams.

Training Opportunities

    • Free Fluoride Varnish Training

      Our Alameda County Office of Dental Health (ODH) staff and the Alameda County Integration of Oral Health Into Pediatric Primary Care Work Group are providing in-office Fluoride Varnish training for your staff. This free 1-hour training consists of:
      • A brief Power Point presentation
      • A demonstration of Fluoride Varnish application
      • Actual hands-on practice with your staff
If you are interested in scheduling a dental training at your site, please e-mail Mary Collett at or call 510-208-5924 to specify the days/time that are best for your clinic and the number of staff you expect at the training.

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