Find or Apply for Health Insurance

Find or Apply for Health Insurance

Family Health Line Toll Free Number 1-888-604-4636

Do you have Medi-Cal or just applied for Medi-Cal?  Call this number for help finding a   doctor or other health services. Our staff can answer questions about CHDP or Medi-Cal providers for Alameda County.

Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance Toll Free Number 1-800-422-9495

Call this number for help applying for free or low cost health insurance including Medi-Cal and Covered CA.

HealthPAC 1-877-879-9633

Call this number to find out if you are eligible. Visit this page to learn about HealthPAC. It is an Alameda County program that provides health coverage for those not eligible for Medi-Cal or Covered CA.


Go to this page to find Alameda County providers for medical, family planning, vision, mental    health and other resources.

Alameda County Social Services Agency Medi-Cal site

Go to this site to find services such as:

  • Workforce & Benefits Administration: financial assistance, food assistance, employment & training, and other services.
  • Children & Family Services: responding to child abuse or neglect, keeping families together, supporting foster youth & caregivers and other services.
  • Adult & Aging Services: Public guardian-conservator, adult protective services, in-home supportive services and other services.

Clinics to visit if pregnant

Go to this page to find prenatal resources.

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