Find a Doctor, Dentist, or Eye Doctor

Find a Doctor, Dentist, or Eye Doctor

Lists of places to get health care in Alameda County:

  • Medical - list of CHDP provider offices
  • Dental - to find dental care for your child at places that take Medi-Cal Dental:
  • Vision - Exams are covered under Medi-Cal

    Medi-Cal Fee For Service Vision Benefits

    For Alameda Alliance for Health Members:
    • March Vision Care is contracted with the Alliance to provide you with vision benefits.
    • Visit March Vision Care online or at 1.844.336.2724 for help finding a vision provider.
    • Let March Vision Care know you are a member through the Alliance Medi-Cal Plan.
  • Mental Health support
  • Immunization Clinics (please call to confirm vaccine availability and clinic hours)
  • Call the Family Health Line at 1-888-604-4636 for help finding a doctor or other health services.

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