Youth and Young Adults in Transition

Youth and Young Adults in Transition

CCSWhy Transition?

Youth and young adults with chronic conditions and disabilities need to prepare for adult life with a special focus on health. It is never too early to start thinking about the services and information you will need.

At their 21st birthday, young adults can no longer get CCS health services and coverage. We at CCS want to make sure that our young adults who are about to age out of the program have all the information and service referrals they need to be healthy, happy, independent-as-possible adults. Below are some guidelines and resources that can help CCS clients plan for transition to adulthood.

Important Questions

  • When will my pediatric doctor stop seeing me? Or will this doctor continue to see me as an older adult?
  • Who will be my adult doctor(s)?
  • What medication, equipment, or supplies might I need?
  • What health insurance and/or income programs will I be able to get?
  • What skills and information do I need to keep myself in good health?
  • How will my health needs fit with my plans for:
    • a future job or career
    • college
    • living on my own
  • Are there activities or groups in my community, especially for people with my health condition?

These are just a few questions. It is important to speak with your doctors, family and other important people in your life (like Regional Center case worker, rehabilitation counselor, school counselor) to participate in transition planning with you. It is VERY important that you (and your caregivers) know what your adult health plans are before you turn 21.

Web Pages and Links

Resources & Documents

Are you a CCS client or client family member with questions about transition?

Call the CCS program at 510-208-5970.

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