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Past Projects

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The Alameda County Prosperity Project

The Alameda County Prosperity Project was a cooperative effort of the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) Place Matters (PM), Life Course Initiatives (LCI), the Alameda County Community Asset Network (AC CAN) and the Urban Strategies Council (USC) to advance policy and systems change in Alameda County in order to protect income and build wealth in low income communities impacted by health inequities. The intent of the Prosperity Project was to directly influence policy, including advocating for specific policies to be adopted by the City of Oakland to increase assets, protect wealth, and advance health equity. The final objective of the Prosperity Project was for the City of Oakland tol adopt and implement policies that increase access to non-predatory, low cost financial products in underserved neighborhoods that are also impacted by health inequities. For more information about the programs involved with the Prosperity Project, please visit the following websites:

Food to Families

In partnership with Mandela Marketplace, West Oakland Health Council, the Deputy Sherriffs’ Activities League (Dig Deep Farms), and Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, as a result of funding from the  Kresge Foundation Safety Net Enhancement Initiative, The Food to Families project served the West Oakland and Ashland-Cherryland communities provided local youth with jobs, as well as new moms with “prescriptions” for healthy food. The families filled the prescriptions at local food businesses where the youth were employed, therefore bringing revenue to disinvested communities. The program was created collaboratively, driven by neighborhood data, and designed to support on-going community efforts to further health equity and to address the needs of these two communities. The Food to Families program was successful in increasing participants’ fruit and vegetable intake, providing youth jobs, creating non-traditional partnerships between local clinics and food justice advocates, and supporting local economic development. Food to Families also contained a mini-grant component, which funded innovative, locally defined community-based projects that aligned or built on the foundation of F2F and the Building Blocks Collaborative Bill of Rights and enhanced Food to Families.  Today, it is hosted by Mandela Marketplace. For additional information regarding the F2F partners, please visit the following websites:

Building Blocks for Healthy Eating and Active Living (BBC HEAL)

BBC HEAL delivered innovative healthy eating and active living programming for the perinatal population to reduce risk factors for diabetes and chronic disease that develop during pregnancy and early life.  In an effort to promote health across the Life Course, Brighter Beginnings worked with BBC to bring the Food Smarts for Families Curriculum (designed for low-income populations), to teen parents of young children in the Ashland/Cherryland area – delivering services including training on basic nutrition, whole foods, meal planning, nutrition labels, obesity, diabetes, heart health, food advertising, and fast food.  Brighter Beginnings held Food Smarts classes to educate teens from Ashland/Cherryland about basic nutrition, cooking, meal planning, and consumption of fruits and vegetables.  In connection with Girls, Inc. of Alameda County, teens became peer educators and conducted Food Smarts classes with their peers. Teens were also educated on healthy eating and stress reductionFor more information on the BBC partners involved with the BBC HEAL project, please direct your attention to the following websites:

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