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Life Course Theory

These articles provide the background and science of life course theory.

Childhood Roots of Health Disparities

These articles discuss the evidence linking early life experiences and environments with later life health and health disparities.

Place and Health

This issue brief explores the impacts of neighborhood conditions on health.

Racism and Health

These articles examine the impact of race on health over a lifetime and through generations, and one organization’s approach to implementing an anti-racist framework.

Community as Partners

These articles reference power in communities, and highlight the need for approaches that include community capacity building that acknowledges that solutions to addressing social determinants of health are in communities themselves.

Taking Theory to Practice

These articles describe projects that translate life course theory to practice.


These resources provide information on design thinking and one application of it in public health to plan projects addressing social determinants of health.

Organizational Change

This guide provides a framework for service organizations to values and practices into their work that address underlying systemic problems that result in inequalities.

Local Data

This link contains reports that provide an in-depth look at health inequities and underlying social inequities in Alameda County:

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