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For Schools

Self-Administered Asthma Medication Law
(California Education Code Section 49423.1)

According to the California Education Code Section 49423.1, any pupil who is required to take, during the regular school day, medication prescribed for him or her by a physician or surgeon, may be assisted by the school nurse or other designated school personnel or may carry and self-administer inhaled asthma medication if the school district receives the appropriate written statement from the following individuals:

1) Physician or surgeon detailing the name of the medication, method, amount, time schedules by which the medication is to be taken, and confirm (if applicable) that the pupil is able to self-administer inhaled asthma medication, AND

2) Parent, foster parent, or guardian of the pupil requesting that the school district assist the pupil as stated by the physician or surgeon and consent (if applicable) to the self-administration, providing a release for the school nurse or other designated school personnel to consult with the health care provider of the pupil regarding any questions that may arise with regard to the medication, and releasing the school district and school personnel from civil liability if self-administering pupil suffers an adverse reaction by taking the medication.

Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plans are available on the Regional Asthma Management & Prevention (RAMP) website. The Plans continue to be available at no-cost and in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese with both hard copy versions and electronic, fill-able PDF versions.

To access the various versions of the Asthma Action Plans, please utilize the links below.

Hard Copy Versions of the Asthma Action Plan:





To download electronic, fill-able PDF versions of the Asthma Action Plans click here.

To request a supply of hard copy Asthma Action Plans, please complete Online Form.

Asthma Start Program Referral Form

If you have a student that meets all the eligibility requirements (ages 0-18, diagnosed with asthma, lives in Alameda County), please complete and return this referral form.

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