Major Events and Activities

Major Events and Activities

Community prevention events and activities evolve from the needs and concerns identified by local residents. They are, therefore, continuously changing. Please use the contact information below to find out about current projects. Examples include:

  • EPIC - Environmental Prevention In Communities is facilitated through Health and Human Resource Education Center. EPIC plays a central role in increasing the capacity of youth by supporting them in making better choices in their lives, increasing their knowledge and awareness about health, wellbeing alcohol sales and policies, and their environment. Please call (510) 549-5990 for more information.

  • The East Oakland Boxing Association provides a safe, supportive, caring, alcohol and drug-free environment for children and young people in one of Oakland's highest crime/poverty areas. For more information please visit the East Oakland Boxing Association website.

  • Triumph Ministries works throughout the county in the area of prevention, education and policy advocacy. They engage youth and young adults in the performing and recording arts that encompass a young person’s perspective integrating an anti-drug and positive family message. Please call (510) 636-4111 for more information.

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