Latina Chicana (LatCh) Lactation Taskforce

Latina Chicana (LatCh) Lactation Taskforce

Couple breastfeeding familyAlameda County’s Latina Chicana (LatCh) Lactation Taskforce recognizes the powerful influence of culturally appropriate, positive images and language appropriate educational messages in helping Alameda County families reach their nursing and infant feeding goals.

Having even one supportive example within a social network can enable a mother to resist opposing messages, even when breastfeeding is not the norm within their social group.

The social media videos in this toolkit were developed by Latinx WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, experienced community Lactation Specialists and other community partners through the Alameda County Latina/Chicana (LatCh) Lactation Taskforce with funding support by the Friends of La Leche League.


Preserve and strengthen lactation in the Latinx community is the mission of the Latina Chicana (LatCh) Lactation Taskforce of Alameda County Breastfeeding Coalition. Many individuals, groups, programs and organizations join together in LatCh to accomplish that mission.

LatCh Taskforce team members

LatCh is grateful to Friends of La Leche League for their mini grant funding, and to the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to this social media project:

  • Development and Production
    Edna Prieto, MD, Haydée L. Herrera Sosa, Jeanne Kettles, Jennifer Valadez, Mayra Matias Pablo, Rosio Carranza-Rivas, Tina Benitez, Veronica Vasquez, Victorina Chales Pablo, Yael Martinez, Zoraida McNulty
  • Media Assistance
    Neetu Balram, Jamie Yee, Tonya Kubo, AJ Aquilar, Garrett Rich

This toolkit is free for anyone to use for educational purposes.

However, we do ask that you credit Alameda County Latina Chicana (LatCh) Lactation Taskforce when you use these images and videos.

LatCh Toolkit

LatCh Social Media Toolkit

The videos reflect some of the most effective messages the Peer Counselors share with mothers for some of their most common barriers.

Using the TikTok platform they have produced video content for six topics offering three languages for each: English, Spanish and Mam.

Download Social Media Toolkit


Download this English/Spanish flyer with QR codes and brief descriptions for all the LatCh videos


English | Spanish | Mam

Milk Supply

English | Spanish | Mam


 English | Spanish |Mam

Latching Baby to the Breast

English | Spanish | Mam

Preventing Nipple Pain

English | Spanish | Mam

Crying in the Second Day of Life

English | Spanish | Mam

Breastfeeding: Returning to Work

English | Spanish | Mam

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