What breastfeeding support should familes expect from the hospital at birth?

All mothers should receive breastfeeding guidance and information.

California law (Hospital Infant Feeding Act) requires all hospitals with a perinatal unit to have an infant-feeding policy that promotes breastfeeding guidance according to standards set by the California Department of Public Health.

"All hospitals providing maternity care shall make available a breastfeeding consultant or alternatively, provide information to the on where to receive breast feeding information". (AB 977)

Resources for Hospitals

Contact your birthing hospital to find out more about their breastfeeding support:

Baby Friendly Hospitals

Alameda Health System Highland Hospital (510) 437-5195

Kaiser East Bay Breastfeeding Services (San Leandro)

(510) 454-4531

Washington Hospital Breastfeeding Support

(510) 818-5040

Other birthing hospitals:

Alta Bates Summit Lactation Program

(510) 204-6546

Kaiser East Bay Breastfeeding Services (Oakland)

(510) 752-6150

Stanford Valley Care Lactation Services

(925) 416-3598

St. Rose Hospital Breastfeeding Classes

(510) 264-4044

Sutter Eden Medical Center Breastfeeding

(510) 727-3045

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