A message from our Director

Alameda County Public Health Department has worked for over 80 years to improve the health and safety of its residents and the neighborhoods they live in.


Traditional public health concerns such as disease outbreaks, environmental hazards and access to health care have been joined by contemporary concerns: bioterrorism, crime, violence, and substance abuse. Each of these poses a threat to public health and wellness. And each calls for short and long-term solutions that lie well outside traditional public health boundaries.

A Working Partnership

The mission of our health department is to work in partnership with the community to ensure the optimal health and well being of all people.

We recognize that residents are more than mere consumers of public health services. Therefore, our health department actively involves residents in the planning, evaluation and implementation of health activities in their communities. To do this we have two regional Public Health Nursing offices (North & South County) that enable our staff to work with residents on issues of mutual concern.

In addition, we are committed to collaborating with medical service providers, County departments, City agencies, community-based organizations, schools, civic groups, foundations, religious organizations, families to address myriad health and safety issues impacting individuals and populations in our county.

Only when we are working together will we be able to realize our vision: Healthy people in healthy communities.

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