Maternal, Paternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MPCAH)

Maternal, Paternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MPCAH) is dedicated to coordinating services for families, including teens, pregnant women, mothers, fathers, caregivers and children in Alameda County.  MPCAH enhances access to comprehensive, quality health care and focuses on early intervention and prevention services.  The goal is to reduce health disparities, protect and improve health outcomes among Alameda County families, including pregnant women, parenting women and men, and their children.

MPCAH programs work to ensure that women, children, youth, fathers, and families achieve optimal health and well-being through the provision of client-centered, culturally responsive, strengths-based services and supports, combined with community transformation efforts that aim to improve neighborhood conditions.

Target audience

Families - women, men and children – who reside in Alameda County

Home Visiting Confidential Referral Form

HV Confidential Referral Form (September 2018)

Please fax all referral forms to 510-667-4333 or email:

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